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Financial Eligibility for Institutional Medicaid Coverage in TN
Finding new ways to serve Tennessee lawyers, this program is part of a series to help Health Law and Elder Law practitioners. ...
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Spring CLE Blast 2015
Got a slow start getting your CLE credits? Need a few CLE hours fast? The TBA is offering programs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. on May 28, 2015. The CLE Blast will offer 11 hours of dual CLE credit. Take as many or as few hours as you need. Registration...
05/28 On Site Nashville
Tennessee Supreme Court Business Court Pilot Project
The Tennessee Supreme Court's pilot Business Court opens May 1, 2015 in Davidson County . Presiding Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle and staff attorney Justin Seamon will share with you the "how-to" process and operations of this court. ...
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Best Practices for New Lawyers 2015
As a recently licensed attorney, sure you can quote hearsay exceptions, hammer out memos within 3 hours, and generally dazzle people with your extensive substantive legal knowledge. But can you manage clients and partners' expectations, effectively...
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Government Contracting in Tennessee: How State, Local and Federal Issues Impact Tennessee’s Procurement Environment
In this unique program state and local officials, procuring agencies, protest litigants, consultants, and legal leaders will cover several angles of government contracting in Tennessee. Two expert panels will cover the process of state and local...
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Criminal Voir Dire
This session will cover the following: ...
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A New Approach to Parenting Plan Schedules
Does the parenting plan schedule really consider the best interest of the children? Explore the most recent research relative to schedules, considering children's developmental needs and family history, and how legal professionals can use this information...
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Doing Business Online: How to Advise the Online Business Owner
As the on-line business model develops and becomes more complicated, lawyers are increasingly being asked to advise on issues relating to technology, taxes, digital ownership, and intellectual property. This program will focus on these legal issues that...
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Tech Science: Cell Phone Forensics for Attorneys
This topic covers the realities of cell phone forensics, the basics of how cell phones record and store data and what and when you can recover information from cell phone. Numerous real life case examples are presented. ...
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Marriage Equality in Tennessee: Tanco v. Haslam
What was the outcome of the Tanco v. Haslam marriage recognition challenge? How will the Supreme Court's holding affect Tennessee? What did the Court say? — Learn more about the background, parties, issues, and answers these questions and more....
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