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Description: Whether you are consulting the Mayan calendar, strained readings of Nostradamus quatrains, or the very real deadlines put out by the CLE Commission, it is clear that the end is near. This we know. So even if you haven’t marked Dec. 21 as the day the world will end, like those in the Mayan Long Count calendar crowd believe, it’s not a bad time to take a look at some hypotheticals that raise ethics issues for lawyers that can be of the “end of the world” variety. TBA ethics guru Brian Faughnan of Thomason Hendrix Harvey Johnson Mitchell PLLC is giving up what could be some of his last days on earth to make the presentation.

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  The Basics:
Credit Hours: EP: 0.00  Dual: 1.50  General: 0.00
Speaker(s): Brian S. Faughnan
Format: Online Video
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$67.50 TBA member price
$97.50 non-member price
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